Short Peak Hard Hat with Lightweight HDPE Shell, 4-Point Nylon Suspension and "Sure-Lock" Ratchet Adjustment - Type 2 Class E


Available Colors:

Dark Green
Hi-Vis Orange
Hi-Vis Red
Hi-Vis Yellow
Light Blue
  • Packed: 12/Case
  • Country of Origin: Canada
Product Attributes

Brim Style: Cap Style

Cap Style:

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Shell: Non-Vented

Non-Vented: Non-vented hard hats have no openings for airflow for ventilation.

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Size Adjustment: Wheel Ratchet

Wheel Ratchet: Provides quick and easy adjustment to create a firm, comfortable fit. It is also less likely to snag in longer hair.

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Product Description

Product Description

Sleek European Design with one model with a "Short" peak and the other model with added "Ventilation" for added relief from heat. Shell made out of lightweight high density polyethylene without rain trough, but with universal slots to accommodate all kind of accessories. The Short front peak offers a total non-obstructed vision up stream ideal for surveyors, for peoples working at heights, in narrow environments, or simply for people needing an expended field of view. Available in Type 1 and 2; Type 2 offering additional protection from lateral, side, front and rear impact. Comfortable 4 points nylon suspension with our exclusive "SURE-LOCK II" Ratchet adjustment suspension to properly fit all head sizes Large or Small. These hats are also available with 4 attachment points for chin straps when used in confined spaces or at heights.

THE SHORT PEAK VENTILATED version in Type 1 and 2 give us the possibility to offer the market a ventilated hat that will please and accommodate those who want more ventilation inside the hat but those will have to accept the fact that this hat has no dielectric properties since it has holes for ventilation and is classified as a CLASS C.


  • Sleek European Design.
  • Lightweight High Density Polyethylene shell
  • No Rain trough, chin straps attachments, universal slots for accessories.
  • Short Peak for better vision
  • New and improved ratchet system "Sure-Lock II" comfortable 4 -points nylon suspension
  • CSA Z94.1-15 Certified Type 2 and Class E
  • ANSI Z89.1-2009 Certified Type II and Class E
  • CE Certified EN3907 : 2012

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